What is Arunachaleshwara Giri Valam & Why should it be undertaken with a stay at Tiruvannamalai?

The circumambulation of Arunachala is known as Giri Pradakshina in Sanskrit and Giri Valam in Tamil. Performing pradakshina of Arunachala is considered to be beneficial in all ways. Typically, pradakshina is done in bare feet, with the Hill and Temple on the right. Sri Ramana Maharshi once explained the meaning of the word pradakshina and how it should be done by a devotee: “The letter “Pra” stands for removal of all kinds of sins; “da” stands for fulfilling the desires; “kshi” stands for freedom from future births; “na” stands for giving deliverance through jnana.

If by way of Pradakshina you walk one step, it gives happiness in this world, two steps, it gives happiness in heaven, three steps, it gives bliss of Satyaloka which can be attained. One should go round either in mouna (silence) or dhyana (meditation) or japa (repetition of Lord’s name) or sankeertana (bhajan) and thereby think of God all the time.

Throughout the year, pilgrims visit Tiruvannamalai and stay in nice serviced apartments to do giri valam of Annamalaiyar temple and Annamalai hill covering a total distance of 14 km and is considered to be a simple and effective form of yoga. There are 8 small shrines of lingams located in the path with each one associated with the 12 moon signs. These are collectively termed as Ashtalingam (meaning 8 lingams).

It is convenient to stay at an accommodation in the Giri valam path itself at Tiruvannamalai with a nice view of the Hill and Temple and Manasarovar’s Homes provide best accommodation for short and long stays with all facilities of serviced apartments.

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